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German translator needed

RemotEmployees is looking for a German translator to work on foreign projects, with English skills at level B1 or above.

German translator is a specialist who provides translation of  regular, technical, specialized or literary texts from German into Russian or vice versa.  You can work remotely, but you  need to have a computer and a stable Internet connection to be always in touch.
Remote German translator job is what You need now! 

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    Position of a German translator at RemotEmployees is just a salvation for a translator during the quarantine. Especially if you are a translator with a lack of experience, but you have a degree, we match each other! The online job of a Russian-German translator in our company will provide You with a missing experience and communication with native speakers!

    Responsibilities of German translator in RemotEmployees:

    Translation and editing

    Translation and editing of texts from German into Russian and form Russian into German, provision of accurate translation.

    Knowledge of terminology and its usage

    Provision of accurate translation, consistency in terminology .


    Awareness of translation methods and knowledge of a language-specific terminology. One should be open-minded and have a general knowledge of the topic.

    Requirements for German translator

    Proficiency in German


    High literacy rate


    English Knowledge

    Text writing and editing skills


    Advanced computer skills

    Group 7

    Ability to stay focused

    If you are an inexperienced translator, but you have a good level of English and German, you are attentive, diligent and responsible, we are ready to consider your candidacy. Just record a video interview about yourself in English and send it to us. Don’t miss your chance to start a remote job of a German translator.