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Social media posts

How to Make a High Quality Social Media Post?

Nowadays, the virtual world of social media is in full swing. Users visit social media with an intention to find out enlightening and useful information. If you want to make top-notch and viral content and receive a permanent target audience you will need to make an effort.

Novice bloggers, who want to get a number of followers, essentially need to learn the art of writing eye-catching and engaging posts on social media. At this stage, the question comes up to mind: how to do that and what is needed for this?

Well, first things first. Let’s go!

Posts for social media. Features.

First of all, you need to comprehend why posting on Instagram differs from writing articles for blogs.

High competition

The news feeds of Facebook or Instagram are a glut of information where one, in order to stand out, needs to write something eye-catching to attract customer’s attention. After all, people visit social media in order to find catchy information. A post on Facebook can be such a lifeboat for a person to get away from the hectic daily routine.

Lack of official manner of writing

Customers regularly use social media with a view to reading posts on Facebook or Instagram in order to recharge the batteries and take their mind off problems and unwind.

Smart news feed

Instagram posts with a low number of likes and reposts just go down and will not be seen by many readers who hypothetically could. The smart news feed sorts the content and posts that were liked by few people and after the first hours after publication they disappear.

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What is the optimal length for texts intended for social media?

The Popsters company,carrying out the analysis and content statistics of different websites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.), claims that people being on diverse social media, perceive the information differently.

Instagram post size is about 1000 characters or more, Facebook post is likely to be read if it does not exceed 300-400 characters and, in addition, the author attaches a small video to it to make it more interesting.

If the post is too long, it will not be shown in full and the user will need to additionally click the option “show more”, “show in full”, this can filter out many users, if the text did not really catch their eye from the first words.

Therefore, it is rather important to put your best foot forward from the first lines. It is better to demonstrate to people what they can learn from the given post, how it can be useful for them.

Posts for social media.
Be friendly with the readers.
Make them feel like they are your close friends

In order to have trust relationships with readers, one can use a friendly manner of talking.  Keep in mind that everything should be in moderation. Be careful not to make your text look impolite.

Eva Kats (the founder of Digital Bandito Studio) recommends using the pronouns “I”, “we” instead of “company”, “organization”, in the text of Instagram posts, to be closer to your audience.

This can make your post brisk, gripping and will set the proper manner for subsequent communication. An important detail is the way of communication, if your text is aimed at both women and men.

You should avoid phrases like “you are obligated (obliged)”, for example.They need to be changed to «you may need to», «you should» which sounds softer and without sounding like forcing.

Feedback makes sense! Get your post ready.
Make your page a “page turner”

What does feedback from your audience mean? Feedback is the number of likes, comments and reposts. If you have enough of them, it makes clear that you are doing everything properly and the reader is your devoted fan.

How can this be achieved? There exist some rules that must be followed:

  • Encourage people to repost or like a post. The simple phrases such as: «if the post was enlightening/interesting/exciting hit the like button» should be left at the end of the text.
  • Encourage readers to discuss. Kindly ask the people to share their point of view concerning the problem/ story/ event described above. In order to make the discussion more lively, you can make the first comment yourself.

Hashtag Basics. High Quality Social Media Posts

Whatever social media platforms your brand uses as part of its promotion strategy, the awareness of how to use hashtags will help speed up the process.

The hashtags make it easier to find posts on the specific topics because they combine all social media content with the same hashtag.

They are effective across all social media platforms and must be included in your post on social networks.

What aspects should be taken into consideration while dealing with hashtags?

They should begin with the # symbol, but hashtags will not work if you use space, punctuation marks or any other symbols.

Make sure that your accounts are publicly available. Otherwise, content with a hashtag you use, will not be seen by people who don’t follow you.

Apply relevant, clear and popular hashtags. If they are confusing, it is difficult to find them and possibly such hashtags will not be used by other social media users.

Limited hashtag amount. Quality over quantity!

How to Use Hashtags? Social Media Post

Below there are some simple tips for using hashtags on various social media platforms. When you write a Post for any social media, you must know how to properly apply a hashtag there.

How to Use Twitter Hashtags

The optimal number of used hashtags: 1-2

You can use hashtags anywhere in your tweets. Use  them at the beginning for greater prominence, in the end for context, or in the middle of a message to highlight a keyword.

Hashtags can be also added to comments during retweets, in replies and in one’s Twitter bio.

Where to find relevant hashtags:

  1. Enter a hashtag keyword into the Twitter search bar to find hashtag content.
  2. Keep track of trending hashtags in the most discussed Twitter topics.

If you’re creating a new hashtag, do a little research first. Make sure it has not been used yet.

How to Use Facebook Hashtags

The optimal number of used hashtags: 1-2

Hashtags can be included in any part of your Facebook post or in the comments.

Where to find hashtags on Facebook:

  1. Find a hashtag with the help of Facebook search bar.
  2. Click on a hashtag to look through a Facebook news feed  using the same hashtag.
  3. Search for hashtags that are used in private Facebook groups using the “Search in this group” panel in the group menu.

How to Use Instagram Hashtags

Optimal number of used hashtags: 5-10

On Instagram, posts or hashtags can be inserted into the text itself or into the comments section. You can include up to 10 hashtags in your Instagram Stories. You can also insert hashtags into your Instagram bio of your brand.

Search for hashtags on the Tags tab in the Overview section of Instagram.

A couple of important hashtag tips:

Consider the placement of your hashtags. It is better to place the hashtag as the first comment for publication so that followers could appreciate your Instagram posts.

Having an Instagram Business account, you can access Instagram Insights. There, you will be able to observe how many impressions your profile has received using the hashtag.

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How to Use YouTube Hashtags

Optimal number of used hashtags: 2-3

Add some hashtags to your brand’s YouTube video title or video description. Click on a hyperlinked hashtag to see feed with other videos, where your hashtag is used either.

NB!!! Don’t use more than 15 hashtags. YouTube will ghost all your hashtags and possibly even mark your content as spam.

A couple of important hashtag tips:

Hashtags have hyperlinks in titles and descriptions; therefore, followers can find other content with the same hashtags by clicking on any of them. If you don’t include hashtags in the title, the first three of them will appear in the description, above the title of your video.

How to Use LinkedIn Hashtags

The optimal number of used hashtags: 1-2

Include hashtags in your LinkedIn post when you post for social media.

Where to find relevant hashtags on LinkedIn:

Search for hashtags using the platform’s search bar. Review the trending LinkedIn hashtags that will appear in the «News and views» on the home page. Get hashtag suggestions from LinkedIn when writing an update.

A couple of important hashtag tips:

LinkedIn is a business platform. Use professional hashtags. Follow the hashtags on LinkedIn to keep up with the latest posts.

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How to make a widely read post?

First and foremost, posts for social media must be visually simple for perception. If they are written in a difficult to understand manner, there is no doubt that readers will scroll down. It is also useful to alternate the easy and complicated paragraphs. What does it mean? Easy to understand paragraphs should preferably contain no more than 1-2 short sentences. More difficult to understand paragraphs should include up to 4 sentences. This will help simplify the Instagram posts and make them more dynamic and readable. In addition, short and long sentences can also be alternated.

Important aspects to consider:

Title. Use uppercase letters to catch the user’s attention. It is supposed to intrigue the reader, to make the person want to read the text underneath.

Spacing between paragraphs. When the text is divided into paragraphs, it makes the text easier to understand.

The presence of blocks in long posts. It will also give your user the opportunity to read your message comfortably – for example Facebook post.

Smiles. With the help of emoji, you can make the text more lively and down-to-earth, but this tool should not be overdone. Everything should be in moderation. Excess number of smiles looks confusing.

Lists. List inserts refresh social media posts.


So, what should you do when you post on social media?

  • The ultimate goal is to create such a post on the social network that the smart feed would consider as worthy of attention and highlight it from the stream of publications.
  • Frequently, Facebook users give the preferences to small, concise posts – up to 300-400 characters. On Instagram, the text can be bigger,1000+ characters.
  • It is better to write in a direct and friendly manner. However, don’t cut too deep, not to make the text look impolite.
  • You can also kindly call the target audience to action: hit a like, leave a comment, or repost.
  • Facebook posts with high quality photos and videos are the most popular among the target audience.
  • Trending hashtags. Use them in your post to catch up with the latest information.
  • Write on relevant topics that resonate with readers, make people ponder about it after reading. Such content is frequently shared.
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