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Content Plan
Successful start and aspects to take into consideration

SMM promotion in social networks is a rather difficult process. It is obvious and there is no need to talk about faced challenges in this industry. However, this is not an excuse for failures.

Frequently, this is the point used by marketers and business owners in order to neglect social networks. Plenty of companies create accounts on social media and after a while when not observing prompt results they just go cold turkey.

Others keep up with social media because consider this to be a necessary and useful thing even if it doesn’t bring success. Anyway, a missing element –high-quality content plan that is indispensable when running a successful business. Therefore, having an account on social media is of great importance.

A correct keyword use should be also taken into account. About keyword selection and other SEO aspects you can read in our next article.

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Social Media Content Plan and its Importance.

To put it simply, content plan is a complex marketing strategy intended for a successful social media promotion. Well-designed content planning must include:

A distinct set of goals and challenges

Analysis of your activity on social media

Analysis of competitors and related areas

Plan of a basic content strategy

Effective content plan is significant for successful social media promotion

Advantages of content plan for social networks. It helps:

  • Follow an agreed posting schedule for channels
  • Avoid haste and find content on time
  • Keep up with trending subjects

What does the Content Plan include? Where to begin with?

A complex approach is needed in order to make your content plan proper and efficient. So, what is the best way to create a fruitful content plan? Stay tuned.

Set achievable goals

Here are some examples of common goals and challenges:

  • Conversion rate increase
  • Building relationships with potential clients
  • Enhancing the authority
  • Brand recognition. Setting effective brand guidelines

An important ability is to set and achieve goals

Analysis of your accounts on social media

At this stage you should estimate your current activity on social networks and think through a content plan in advance. First you need to decide on social platforms. In order to understand the right direction, you need to take the following steps:

  • Evaluate the social media channels you are on
  • Define the things to save and refuse from
  • Decide on additional channels

Account/Groups/Community Optimization on Social Media

The next step is account optimization. It means that you must completely fill your accounts. Therefore, check the following things:

  • The entire information about you/your company must be filled
  • The links on your website must be also added
  • The presence of appealing avatars

There are simple things that should be checked before proceeding with. You can find out several unexpected omissions that can be easily corrected.

You should not talk only about your business in your accounts. Want to lose friends in a blink of an eye? Focusing only on yourself is not a good idea. Such self-centered behavior can discourage famous brands from cooperation with you. Nobody will have the desire to follow an account sharing only private information. Eventually, we are talking about social networks therefore a content plan is the best idea to avoid it.

How to find out the most suitable social networks for you?

Are you interested in channels that are right for you? If so, ask yourself the following questions:

If you are not completely sure, there is a simple way to find it out- peek at your competitors. Analyze their activity on social media. Pay attention which social networks they give preference to. In addition, have a look at a follower rate and estimate followers’ activity.

Accounts/ groups/ communities that have not been updated for a while will make a poor showing about your brand. In order to prevent this problem, don’t use many accounts if you can’t make enough time for each of them. Take it into consideration when drawing up a content plan.

Social networks can support a row of business goals. The main thing is to make sure that you make an effort not in vain. Therefore, a content plan should be prepared in a serious manner. When making up a content plan-a template can help you.

Before publishing include a material mentoring in your content plan in order to avoid this trap.

Make a list of blogs and other news sources related to your field:

  • Choose mass-media publishing content relevant your audience
  • Add a thoroughly selected material in your content plan and arrange a template in Excel

Follow 5: 3: 2: Rule for social networks

For example, if you post 10 times per week:

  • 5 posts must have content of other companies that are relevant your audience
  • 3 posts must contain content relevant your audience and not sales oriented
  • 2 posts must be private and include enlightening content that help «design your brand»

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Think about video content on your page. Video on social media is significant for a successful promotion. Particularly, this is a right strategy for Facebook&Instagram that provides a better visibility of a video that was uploaded directly on a platform (without using an internal link). Apart from this, Twitter allows users to record a video (up to 30 sec) by using mobile applications on iOS and Android.

Scheduling posts on social media

It is essential to know the right time for posting on social networks. However, it is rather difficult to find a distinct answer to this question. Various studies demonstrated different results. In addition, diverse audiences can be active at different times of the day.

The most effective way to solve this problem is to follow the next steps:

  • As a turning point use the results of sectoral surveys
  • When making up a content plan use your data in order to make own conclusions

How to find the best time for posting on Facebook

  1. Log in your Facebook account and go to the Ads library
  2. Click on Audience Insight
  3.  Find the notes tab on the left navigation bar

Now you have a clear picture of the exact time the followers were interested in your posts. If you want to receive detailed information move to tab Message types. This will show a Facebook reach that is the amount of people who have seen your videos, pics, and messages with links.

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How to find the best posting time on Twitter?

Tweriod – is a simple Twitter monitoring tool to analyze your followers and to define their activity on the Net.

Tweriod receives the data of your real followers and shows the best time for your tweets. It helps you make the most of your Twitter and get maximal exposure. This is the most efficient tool to enhance both social and digital activity.

Caution: it analyzes up to 1000 followers with a free account. Monthly subscriptions have a different range of pricing and can analyze up to 50000 followers.

Log in Twitter and find an Analytics tab. Compare the number of posts with the number of reaches you encounter every day.

Pay attention to what works the best. The next step is to adjust reaches properly and go ahead.

Having chosen the right posting time, it is high time to outline editorial planning. It can be done 1 week in advance.

Content planning

In fact, there exist 2 ways to draw up a content plan. The first one is with the help of a spreadsheet and another one is by using a special application.

Both above mentioned ways can be effective to achieve the following goals:

  • Successful time management for the account of advance planning
  • Boost the engagement rates and daily keep the content on social media updated
  • Increase brand collaboration when creating and managing accounts in social networks

If you have never used a content plan before try to create it with the help of a spreadsheet.

Subsequently take another step:

  • Define the frequency you are going to post on each platform
  • Divide it in appropriate cells
  • Be sure to stick to a posting schedule you made previously
  • You can add copies of photos, video or just note when you are going to make a post
  • Mix different types of a publishing content
  • Avoid over posting and using the same content. Content plan will help prevent this therefore follow 5:3:2 RULE

The main conclusion to make is that when posting content on social networks you should be attentive to the preferences of your target audience.

In addition, if you use Google Tables all your team can look through your content plan.

During the year your brand will have several holidays, annual events or product launch dates.  There is nothing worse than attempts to make content for a special day/event in the nick of time. (moreover, if you always forget about a certain day)

Solution? Link your content plan in Google Table with reminders of Google Calendar.

How to schedule posts in social networks?

Effective promotion in social networks is just impossible without a well-designed content plan. Below, check out the ways of planning your content on social media platforms:

Create a content plan for your company. It includes posts writing and selecting images and videos to make a whole picture.

Insert materials from each post into your content plan. It might be the easiest way to add Google Drive links to your photos and videos.

 Place each post in a content plan in a logical order by applying concepts we have described above.

Devise a scheme of color coding. You can pick up different colors in order to categorize companies and thoroughly select content intended for them. So, color coding can be applied in order to mark texts, videos and images for social media. By making up content in advance you may easily distribute similar posts to diverse social media platforms to avoid duplication.

Determine what rates you are going to keep track of to achieve success

The key to success is knowledge of appropriate rates for successful website performance. Basically, the following website success rates must be singled out

Follower growth

Referral traffic




We do hope that all the recommendations suggested in this article will help you create an effective and unique content plan right for you. Now you have knowledge in order to develop a smart strategy for your successful business promotion.

Keep in mind social media success doesn’t happen by a wave of the magic wand. However long-time profitable brand collaborations for your business worth the effort and time you put in.

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