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SMM manager vacancy

RemotEmployees requires a remote SMM manager. We are ready to offer a job to a person who would like to deal with social networks. Our organization considers absolutely every candidate, regardless of work experience. We provide tempting SMM manager vacancies. You need to have a good command of English(В1 + ) to start working with us.

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    Кто такой SMM Менеджер?

    Who is an SMM Manager?

    An SMM manager is a person who is primarily enthusiastic about social networks and cannot imagine life without them. He/she is aware of discussed topics on Facebook and the most viewed posts on Instagram. You need to be a confident social media user to try your hand as an SMM manager. We will teach you other required skills, if necessary. 

    We perfectly understand that people are constantly in search of something new and want to try out new positions. Therefore, our company is pleased to hire SMM managers even without experience, but with a desire to work. Moreover, we have prepared all the necessary materials for training for those who are really serious and would like to cooperate with us. SMM from scratch? No problem! 

    SMM manager job. What should a candidate be able to do?

    We are loyal to our applicants for any position, this also applies to SMM manager vacancies. First of all, we demand a serious attitude to work. Thus we will teach you everything needed. Depending on the occupation, the candidate for the position of SMM manager is required to have the following skills:

    • knowledge of, at least, existing social networks;
    • ability to work with information;
    • ability to think and not shirk responsibility;
    • readiness to acquire new skills and apply them in practice.
    Что должен уметь SMM менеджер?

    The main responsibilities of the SMM manager include:

    It means you will analyze the competitors and identify the necessary tools for promoting the company on social networks.

    Preparation of descriptions for pages, as well as the design of covers and avatars. 

    Creation of a detailed plan for future publications: the number of posts per day or per week, the release time of posts. 

    Selection and processing of images, video, and creation of text material.

    If there are no readers, then there is no point in filling the pages. Therefore, it is necessary to attract people to communities along with the implementation of the content plan.

    Social media promotion also includes creating and setting up targeted advertisements, running contests, and driving traffic by all available means. You will analyze and adjust advertising campaigns depending on the result.

    As rhe remote SMM manager, you will select topics for discussion and support discussions to keep the community alive. Also, create responses to negative messages from users. Post positive customer reviews.

    You will compile performance reports using internal and external SMM analytics services. 

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