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Media Buyer Vacancy

Remote Employees company is looking for remote media buyers with a high level of proficiency in English(В1+) for working with international projects.

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    Who is a Media buyer?

    Media buyer (English “media” and “buyer”) is an expert at purchasing and advertising media space. He is responsible for promoting and posting advertising products on informational platforms, on the Internet and social networks. Media buyer jobs are associated with reaching out to mass media, purchasing advertising space in newspapers, various public pages, Google and Facebook advertising companies, Youtube, Telegram-channels, news and specialized resources.

    Media Buyer Responsibilities

    Media Buyer activity is involved in advertisement, entrepreneurship, cost of advertising in mass media and negotiation skills.
    Nowadays the profession of Digital Media Buyer is sought-after. The main advantage of online advertisement is a possibility of a prompt reporting about the product or service for the target customers without geographical borders. Besides, the possibility of clear targeting in advertising and measuring results help optimise marketing budgets and establish optimal sales processes.
    You do not need a special training or degree to become a Digital Media Buyer.

    We offer you to try yourself as a digital media buyer even if you are inexperienced, but you can:

    Analyse information

    Know principles of Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigns

    Understand the basics of SEO and SEM

    Fluency in English( B1-C1)

    In addition, a media buyer job presupposes the usage of interpersonal communication and negotiations, ability to present a product, which facilitates the product distribution success and awareness, understanding the basics of marketing, economics and general psychology.

    If you are sociable and fluent in English, understand the basics of marketing, but have a lack of experience, we are ready to consider your candidacy for a remote media buyer position. Just record a video resume about yourself and your skills and send it to us. Do not miss your chance to start your work in IT.