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Linkbuilder Vacancy

Remote Employees requires a remote Link Builder with a good knowledge of English(B1+ level and above) for working on international  projects.

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    The main aspects of the Link building field. Who is called a Linkbuilder?

    With the development of website SEO-Optimization, experts have pointed out 2 main criteria affecting the website ranking:

    • high-quality content;
    • the presence of links leading to a relevant content from other resources.    

    Link building is one of the main areas of SEO-website promotion, implying its external optimization. Link building is based on building the link mass of a resource – searching for donor sites, placing backlinks and analyzing their effectiveness.

    линкбилдинг вакансии

    Search engines evaluate a link leading from one site to another. A link builder is a person who helps build up the “link mass” of the promoting website and popularizes it among users. In the modern world, one can work as a link builder not only sitting in the office, but remotely from home as well. The main thing is that the laptop and the stable Internet connection must be always at hand.

    Linkbuilder. Responsibilities.

    A link builder must be ready for dynamic work and multitasking . Our candidate should be broad-minded and highly-motivated. In addition, he should have enough skills and deal with plenty of information. A link builder is responsible for searching for new websites and communicating with webmasters in order to place quality links on donor websites for effective link promotion of own site.

    The standard responsibilities of the Linkbuilder include:

    • drawing up a strategy for external website optimization;
    • search for advertising platforms and partner sites for link exchange;
    • agreeing on the link placement conditions;
    • content management: quality control of articles with backlinks;
    • monitoring and checking the link placement on the third-party websites.

    You don’t have work experience, but you are interested in a website promotion? You interact with people easily, know how to distribute tasks and you speak English fluently? We are ready to consider your candidacy for the position of Linkbuilder. In addition, we can offer you to master other modern professions, such as a SEO – specialist, PPC – specialist, Traffic manager, Content manager, SMM specialist, Targetologist, Email marketer, or Internet marketer.

    Just record a video describing your knowledge and skills in English and send it to us along with your CV. We consider candidates even without work experience. Do not miss your chance to start working as a Linkbuilder.

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