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Remote Google Ads Specialist Vacancy

RemotEmployees is looking for a contextual advertising specialist for the remote position with the prospect of working on international projects. It is possible to employ candidates with no experience. Knowledge of English at B1 level and above is a requirement.


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    What Is Google Adwords Service And Why Do You Need It?

    The contextual advertising service, Google Ads is designed to create ads on the Internet that will be shown to users, depending on their interests and search queries.

    This is an excellent, flexible tool for promotion because due to the variety of advertising options (search engine, campaigns, banners), you can be sure that it will reach your target audience.

    A person who can create such ads is called a Google Ads Specialist. Today, it is a promising and prospective profession.


    What does a Google Ads Specialist do?

    The knowledge base of Google AdWords manager should include such details of work :

    The benefits of online advertising and Google Ads;

    Setting up ads in Google Ads;

    Searching for keyword phrases to optimise searches;

    Optimization of advertising campaigns;

    Monitoring statistics of advertising campaigns.

    Work conditions

    If you are interested in marketing, advertising and you are not afraid of such terms as Display Network, targeting, click-through rate, you want to develop in this field, and your English is at least B1 level – then fill out the form on the website, send your video resume and start working in the  IT company.