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System Administrator Vacancy

RemotEmployees company requires a remote System Administrator with fluent English(В1+) to work on foreign projects.

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    Who is a System Administrator?

    System Administrator (IT-administrator) is a specialist who maintains the correct operation of computer hardware and software, and is also responsible for the information security of the organization.

    The services of the system administrator are used in almost all companies where a large number of computers are used. Small companies often use the services of a remote system administrator.

    System Administrator main responsibilities:

    The system administrator solves problems at the level of operating systems as well as application programs. At the same time, the network administrator maintains networks and is advanced in computer programs.

    The main responsibilities of a system administrator:

    Installation and maintenance of computer and office software and hardware

    Ensuring error-free operation of the system software

    Ensuring efficiency and company network security

    Installation, configuration, and updating of office and application software

    Providing data backup

    Technical support and help users

    Career growth

    From the point of career prospects, at Remote Employees you can:

    • Grow and develop as a system administrator;
    • Getting into specialization, master related technologies;
    • Become a software architect or programmer;
    • Master the IT security field;
    • Go into management and become a project manager.


    Employment without experience

    If you have basic knowledge of system administration, you are guided by the basic principles of building a network (routing, local and virtual networks) and you speak English, but have no work experience, then we are ready to consider your candidacy for the remote system administrator position.

    Just record a video CV about yourself and your skills and send it to us.

    We consider candidates even without work experience.

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