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Product Manager vacancy

RemotEmployees is looking for a Product Manager with English knowledge at the B1 level and above.

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    Who is a Product Manager?

    Product management experts realise the nuances of digital marketing, know how to sell, develop and advertise the services we provide. As our ideal candidate, you will start working in the easiest positions. Moving up the career ladder is the result of the effort and accumulation of knowledge gained from the very beginning.

    We are interested in talented people who want to be in the marketing and business development field. You can acquire new skills and improve them in practice in our company.

    Responsibilities of a Product Manager include

    You will need to know what you are promoting from beginning to end. This is the only way you can develop our brand, advertise it and adapt it to different countries, and then – develop an effective strategy. 

    As a development director, you will think through the chain of actions for the entire team to achieve the goal. You will need to manage employees, as any promotion of our services will be impossible without them.

    Advertising is one of the main tools for developing an IT business. Thus you as a good manager will need to know how to use it for the benefit of the company.

    Since we provide employee services remotely to different countries, you are required not only to speak a foreign language but also completely understand the customer’s needs. Building a process to meet customer’s needs is your direct responsibility. 

    Basic requirements for a Product Manager are:

    • Leadership skills.
    • Ability to analyze and plan actions.
    • Teamwork and negotiation.
    • Skills of working with Google Drive, Microsoft Office, Trello.
    • Advanced spoken and written English.
    • Awareness of working with advertising and advertising platforms.
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