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A Moderator with knowledge of English (B1+) is required. Remote job

We offer you to take the Moderator position. Moderator is responsible for controlling the order of online conversations, communities, and social networks, such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook.

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    What is the moderator’s job?

    • It includes deletion of messages that do not comply with the rules of the web resource containing obscene language, insults, links to third-party resources, etc.
    • Ban is restricting access to a conversation or account for certain users for inappropriate behaviour.
    • Removing bots and fakes from the conversation.
    • Adding new content and editing old posts.
    • Restriction of rights includes a ban on sending messages, commenting, viewing site topics.

    Requirements for the Moderator

    To become a competent moderator you are to:

    Have a well-bred speech, be polite and correct in communication with users

    Be an advanced PC, Word, Excel, Outlook user.

    Have a good command of English: Intermediate level and above.

    Be able to multitask

    It`s easy to get the job! Record a video interview and fill out the form! We hire a person even without experience!

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