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Remote Lead Generator with knowledge of English(B1+ level) is Required

Outstaffing company RemotEmployees offers the lead generation manager vacancy.

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    Lead generation is about finding potential customers. We work in the field of B2B (business to business) and our goal is to cooperate with other companies.

    The lead generation manager searches for the target audience and keeps business correspondence.

    It’s a completely remote job in our company.

    lead generation

    What is the essence of the work?

    Through the rapid development of the Internet and the active usage of social networks, it became possible to directly contact the employer and make him a business offer!

    Working in various social networks and with the help of our team, the lead generator collects a database of contacts and companies, potentially or already ready for cooperation.

    You will work with social networks and collect a database of contacts, which contain contacts of companies and employees. You will also need to use Google Search and work with Excel spreadsheets.

    We will teach you how to search effectively and help you make the right offer!

    Requirements for a lead generator are:

    •  be an advanced PC user.
    •  be a confident Microsoft Office user.
    • Skills in searching for the necessary information.
    • B1+ English level 
    • Communication skills
    • Punctuality.

    We offer:

    • Training and assistance at all stages of work.
    • Ability to work on foreign projects.
    • Career growth.
    • Day shifts from 9:00 to 18:00 or evening shifts from 15:00 to 24:00.
    • Timely payment + bonuses and profits.
    Test task
    1. Find in Google 5 companies from Canada that are engaged in SEO promotion
    2. Create a table on Google Disk and enter companies` data:
    • Make the name of the company be a clickable link to their website
    • Enter the number of employees
    • Find company founders (name, title, LinkedIn profile link)
    1. Set here links to the company’s social networks and other ways of contacting them (corporate LinkedIn, Facebook, email)
    2. Write the letter in English with a business offer based on information from the site
    3. Send the letter with an offer to (don’t forget about the subject of the letter)
    4. Open access for editing to the file, using the link from the Google Disk with the completed test HR manager. Put your name and surname in the file name.
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