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Internet Marketer Needed

RemotEmployees is looking for remote Internet marketers with knowledge of English.

We are ready to consider candidates even without experience.

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    Internet marketer position

    Online marketer is a specialist in marketing, who promotes various brands online.

    Since online stores are sought after nowadays, the demand for specialists in product and service promotion is also growing.

    Internet marketing includes such tactics as social media marketing (SMM), search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).

    Internet marketer responsibilities:

    • development of brands and products, and their promotion online.
    • advertising
    • development of strategies and tactics for online company promotion; 
    • support and promotion of a company’s website;
    • monitoring of website visits, taking measures to increase traffic;
    • selection of communication channels;
    • trends monitoring and content creation;
    • content posting in blogs/ social networks/ forums.

    Required skills for a Internet marketer

    • basic understanding of web design,
    • basic knowledge of marketing and management, 
    • ability to write interesting and grammatically correct texts, 
    • sociability, attentiveness, discipline, 
    • analytical mindset, 
    • creative approach to work 
    • strong desire of a constant development.
    • Initiative,responsibility, desire to learn new things and negotiation skills are welcomed.

    If you want to get a job in online marketing, be ready to learn a lot of new information.

    Do you think that a remote Internet marketer position is right for you? Leave your contact information below, we will consider your candidacy and get in touch with you within a week.