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Remote Editor Vacancy

Remote Employees is looking for an Editor with fluent English (B1 + ) to work on the international projects.

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    Who is called Editor?

    Editor is a rather creative and demanding profession. Editor is responsible for creating a media product, whether it is an article in a newspaper or a whole book. An editor can be a managing or literary one.

    The managing editor is in charge of the overall content structure and the final product:

    • generates story ideas;
    • assigns topics and authors;
    • monitors workflow and evaluates the product before release.

    The literary editor helps the author make a real masterpiece out of his manuscript:

    • performs the initial editing, corrects obvious grammar, stylistic, syntax, punctuation errors and other types;
    • set thinking on the right track

    Nowadays, you can work as an Editor not only from the office, but work remotely from home either. The main condition is to have a laptop and a stable Internet connection.

    Editor's Main Responsibilities

    Semantic and grammatical check of the text, text publication

    Supervising the editorial staff: copywriters, journalists and content managers

    Semantic text improvement, understanding the text concept

    The editor needs to:

    • Have a high literacy rate;
    • Know English language;
    • Be able to write and edit texts in English;
    • Have a wide outlook and analytical mind;
    • Be able to concentrate on one task for a long time.

    If you do not have experience as an Editor, but you write eye-catching articles, know how to assign tasks, make quick and right decisions and you are fluent in English, then we are ready to consider your candidacy for this position.

    Just record a video about yourself and send us along with your CV.

    We consider candidates even without any work experience.

    Don't miss your chance to work as an Editor remotely!