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Content manager wanted

The outstaffing company RemotEmployees is looking for a Content manager with a fluent English (B1+) to work on the international projects.

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    Requirements for the Content Manager Position

    First and foremost, you need to have a good vocabulary, be coherent in your native language in order to convey the right idea for the reader- what services we provide and why we should be preferred above competitors.

    However, writing without mistakes is not enough for a content manager. You must be well-versed in stylistics in order to write high-quality articles.  Before writing an article or text for publishing you need to comprehend and consider the interests and preferences of the target audience.

    Who is called a Content Manager?

    The Content Manager is the person who searches for relevant information, writes texts, and selects photo and video materials, processes them and publishes them.

    In other words, the content manager is the person who is responsible for filling websites and social media pages with content. 

    Какие требования к работе контент менеджера?

    Content Manager Job Description

    Your everyday responsibilities will lie in making content for social media and web resources and selecting the graphic materials compatible with content. It envisages the compilation of a weekly content plan that will include ready text and graphic material.

    Your responsibilities be like

    The main responsibility of a content manager is to deliver a high-quality, unique content for websites and social networks. The style, speed, and quality of published information depends on the content manager’s performance.

    A good indicator of your overall performance is user feedback in the form of comments and likes. It demonstrates a follower’s interest regarding a post. In order to keep your audience entertained and motivated one can use any marketing tools. For example, running different giveaways, contests. It encourages subscribers and promotes follower base growth. Any creative ideas are welcomed.

    Our expectations for a Content manager:

    • Writing and editing skills;
    • High literacy rate;
    • Ability to find and process graphic material for a website;
    • Ability to perform monotonous work;
    • Fast typing speed;
    • Precision, mindfulness and quick-thinking;
    • Ability to work with a great deal of information.

    Test task

    For the job application you need to complete a brief test task. Based on the outcome, you will be interviewed at our company.

    Let’s imagine that a company has a job vacancy- Web Developer (back-end, front-end). Draw up an advertisement that will be published in social networks (Instagram, Facebook). Decide on suitable illustrations that will perfectly visualize the content.


    Basically, our target audience are students and undergraduates who don’t have experience but are willing to find a job.

    You are expected to come up with a creative approach. All the standard formulaic ads will be rejected. Make an effort – this is your real chance to get a job of your dream!

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