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Vacancy blogger

Remote Employees company is looking for a blogger with fluent English (B1+).  We consider absolutely every candidate, even if he\she has no experience.

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    Who is a Blogger?

    A person, keeping his\her personal diary or journal, is considered to be a blogger. But if his\her content is unique and has not been shown anywhere.Nowadays, blogging is a very popular job, and many people would like to try their hand in this field. We provide the opportunity and instructions.

    We are pleased to announce that we have vacancies in addition to the blogger position. We see our potential employee as a person who is ready to learn something new and acquire additional professional skills.

    A blog can have a wide variety of forms: texts, photos, videos, or all rolled into one. Content work is the most important thing for a blogger. Content of the blog is the key priority for bloggers. It is necessary that everything looks presentable and attracts attention.

    We will teach you how to make your blog “live” and make profit.

    Our company is always aware of the current state of affairs. We have a job for bloggers! Contact us today, we are waiting for your CV!

    Blogger vacancy required skills:

    •  eloquence;
    • creativity;
    • the ability to express your thoughts clearly and accessible;
    • content planning.

    We are loyal to all applicants and provide support when you are in the blogging position at the very beginning. The ideal candidate for us is a deeply motivated person who is ready to acquire new and useful professional skills.

    An online blogger should:

    • Be aware of the most discussed topics in social networks;
    • Adapt to “your” subscriber;
    • Be able to interest and retain the target audience;
    • Be creative;
    • Have good communication skills.

    If necessary, we will train you and help to improve your skills as an online blogger.  The only thing we require is that you must be a proficient user of social media and have fluent English. 

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