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Remote Employees requires a Remote Analyst with English knowledge(B1+ level) to work on foreign projects.

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    Who is an Analyst in the company?

    An analyst is a highly qualified employee through whom all information on the work of a company or information that is directly or indirectly related to its functioning passes. Using certain methods of analysis, the analyst calculates various algorithms for the development of events and offers the management the most profitable option. 

    An analyst can be a specialist in finance, investment, specific market segments, engineering, chemistry, computer software, advertising, sociology, etc.  Let’s look at some of the areas in the analyst profession.

    Business analyst

    This person examines the inner structure of the company, as well as all its business relationships with external players in order to maximize the effectiveness of the organization. He/she finds weak points and problems of the firm, suggests ways to eliminate them, to reduce costs and increase profits. The directions of optimization may concern issues of personnel work, the need to automate production, search for new sales markets or expand the range of products. This speciality is more often needed in companies focused on production or trade.

    Financial analyst.

    His/her work is to monitor trends in the development of the world market, study the financial performance of the organization as a whole and its individual divisions, consult on investment issues, prepare recommendations, and both short-term and long-term forecasts.

    This speciality is in demand in the banking sector, investment and financial organizations, on stock exchanges, in government agencies that regulate the economy.

    Systems Analyst.

    Such employees are connected with the world of information technology and work in IT companies or IT departments of large organizations, they can also provide outsourced services to clients.

    They are engaged in the preparation of technical requirements for software, prepare the concept and pre-project documentation, develop regulations and determine the functions to be automated.

    Computer technology Analyst.

    Such IT specialists are engaged in the development, testing and improvement of new computer programs, utilities and applications. In addition, they consult clients on these issues. This profession has a lot in common with the job of an information security Analyst.

    Due to the creation of a huge number of databases, the Data Analyst speciality is gaining popularity. The specialist must have universal knowledge in various fields and be able to interpret interdisciplinary information.

    Responsibilities of the Analyst:

    Work with information

    Collection of information from various sources and its primary processing


    Analysis of information

    Analysis of the received data and verification of their reliability


    Prognostication of development with different vectors of influence from outside or from within.


    If you don’t have experience as an Analyst, but you know English at a high level, then we are ready to consider your candidacy.

    Just record a video interview about yourself and send it to us. We consider candidates even without work experience, do not miss your chance to start remote work as an Analyst in the close-knit team with the possibility of training and career promotion.