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Scraping Developer vacancy

IT company Remote Employees needs a Scraping Developer with fluent English (at least B1 level) to work on international projects remotely.

We are looking for a Python web parser with knowledge of the SeleniumLibrary. We need a Scraping Developer who is involved in the automation of web application testing.

Usually Python developers with knowledge of SeleniumLibrary deal with web apps testing to solve the routine tasks of administering the site or getting data from different sources on a regular basis.

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    Web scraping tools are developed for parsing websites to get data without the need to open many pages and copy-paste.

    Possible ways of using web scraping tools are: collecting data for market research, extracting contact information from different websites to create own databases, tracking prices of goods in different shops and searching for work or vacancies.

    Scraping developer’s skills:

    What will a Scraping developer do?

    For the candidate at RemotEmployees it is very important to have a basic knowledge of Python and understand how to complete tasks.

    We work in European and American markets, so knowledge of English is required.

    You can gain an invaluable work experience by working on international projects and have the opportunity to get a good salary and develop your professional skills.

    Apply for the position of Scraping Developer and we will consider your candidacy even if you have no work experience.

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