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PHP Developer

RemotEmployees company is looking for a remote PHP Developer with a fluent English (B1-C2) to work on the international projects.

Nowadays PHP Developer or PHP Programmer job vacancies are frequently posted on different job recruiting websites. It seems that HRs can’t see the difference and moreover experts find it difficult to distinguish these 2 alike jobs. Still there exists a difference between PHP Developer and Programmer. Let’s figure it out!

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    Who is called a PHP Developer?

    A PHP developer is engaged in writing endless codes as well as a PHP programmer. However, the developer’s job is not so formulaic as a programmer’s one. It includes far more responsibilities and tasks. The main task of a developer lies not only in programming but also in creating one, overall website, game or application picture. In a nutshell, the developer gets the hang of conception, architecture, technical tasks. The responsibilities include creating and handling what has been developed (website, game, program software).

    PHP Developer thinks through all the details of a software product that must meet the demands set.

    PHP programmers deal with code writing and make the application work. (Developer is involved in the same process) Often, a programmer has to implement a certain challenge. This is a person who works according to the templates, by demonstrating the result at a lower cost.

    For example, the website creation process. The designer creates a visual website content, an appealing, eye-catching design; a programmer creates tools for user request processing of the website; the developer complements and summarizes the work of both. By creating the website all its specifications must be taken into consideration.

    Required skills

    • Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS/J;
    • Web development experience on popular cms (wordpress, modx, opencart, magento,etc);
    • Basic understanding of OOP/MVC principles;
    • Knowledge of PHP and MySQL;
    • Basic knowledge of Git, Composer;
    • Experience with twig and blade templates;
    • Experience with Yii2, Lavarel.

    Owing to a PHP Developer the work on a project becomes possible for all team members. In simple terms PHP Developer draws up a convenient and simple to use interface for web developer, designer, customer, SEO specialist, marketer etc.

    Advantages of cooperation with RemotEmployees:

    • Flexible working schedule;
    • Remote job;
    • Coaching, guiding and support in on-the-job training;
    • Salary review (every 6 months);
    • Career opportunities and development.

    We cooperate only with the foreign market therefore knowledge of the English language is the name of the game for us. We have different projects, so we consider candidates with various background. It doesn’t make a difference if you are a PHP junior or middle one. Even if you have just completed professional IT courses and you are looking for your first job- feel free to apply for the vacancy.

    If you are willing to work as a PHP developer remotely, don’t hesitate- record a job application video about yourself in English. Tell us about your experience, skills and knowledge. We are waiting for your video CV. Become a part of our young, prospective and friendly team!