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Front-End Developer Needed

Front-end developer vacancies at RemotEmployees. Don’t hesitate-send us your CV right now! English knowledge(B1+) is required.

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    front-end разработчик

    Front End developer work. Which qualities and knowledge should a candidate possess?

    Front-end developer is an employee who has sufficient knowledge in website development. Our company considers this position to be a complex and responsible one. It takes a lot of time and effort to make. We always treat our candidates with understanding and support. Therefore we are ready to hire people who only start their professional career in the capacity as a front-end developer. We are already well-versed in this field so we will do our best to teach you and share our experience with you. We are ready to consider a student for this position without any experience or knowledge in the website development either.

    At least, the candidate should be aware of HTML and CSS, the JavaScript programming language and its libraries. A front-end developer should work both with a project that is created from scratch and be able to make edits to a finalized one.

    A person who has basic knowledge and is eager to learn and expand own horizon, can surely send us the CV.

    Front End developer. Workflow.

    The main responsibility of a front-end developer is to create the “front-end” website part. Specifically, you will deal with everything that the user interacts with. The front-end developer determines the way it will work, display and interact with users.

    Main Responsibilities of a Front End developer:

    • project development from scratch and revision of existing projects;
    • participation in a website design;
    • layout of sites, templates, email newsletters, promo pages (Landing Page);
    • binding scripts to the user interface that provide visualization and animation of website pages;
    • optimization and expansion of the functionality of the existing code.

    What a Frontend Developer Should Know?

    • HTML and CSS;
    • code editors: Notepad++, Sublime Text, VS code, etc;
    • CSS frameworks: Bootstrap, Foundation, Materialize4
    • JavaScript and its frameworks (jQuery, Angular., React – one or several);
    • basic knowledge of Photoshop, Figma or other graphic editors to work with layouts.

    You should also be familiar and get the hang of the Git version control system (and have a profile on GitHub). Any other skills will only be an additional perk.

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