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1C Programmer position

IT company RemotEmployees has an open vacancy for 1C Programmer with knowledge of English B1+ for remote work on international projects. 

The job of 1C Programmer is extremely in demand today either in IT, or accounting, or banking. 1C Programmer develops, supports and maintains software products of 1C:Enterprise necessary for automatization of company’s activity.

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    Who is a 1C Programmer?

    The job of 1C Programmer does not require an IT diploma, but the knowledge in the field of system administration and programming will be helpful in this job. 

    The position of  1C Programmer requires a candidate to have such qualities which are typical from a classic developer: 

    • patience, endurance in the process of development and program debugging;
    • ability to adapt quickly to the new;
    • analytical mind.

    1C Programmer skills

    Earlier the program dealt only with accounting and management, but today it is used for sales and human resources records, salary payment and warehouse management etc.


    Knowledge of platform, 1C configuration


    Experience in account automatization

    Experience in user instructions preparation

    Experience in 1C program testing, bugs description

    Skills in research, analysis, description of business processes

    What does a 1C Programmer do?

    It is preferable to have experience in the work with 1C program, but do not get discouraged if you are inexperienced in this field. 

    Our team is ready to consider even inexperienced candidates, but with knowledge of English B1+. We recommend you to record a video resume about yourself, your skills and knowledge. It will be an interview for a 1C programmer position in our company. We invite you to become a part of our friendly team.