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Vacancy UI / UX Designer

RemotEmployees is looking for a UI / UX designer with knowledge of English (B1+) to work on foreign and Ukrainian projects.


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    Who is a UX designer?

    A UX designer is a specialist who is responsible for analysing and ensuring the functions, the correct adaptability of the product and, in general, the feeling and emotion that the website or application evokes in the final users.

    UX designers conduct various studies and tests to determine the best option in order to ensure that the interface is clear and meets the user’s wishes as closely as possible.

    What is UX design?

    UX is a personal impression from the interface and it depends on many factors, such as site architecture, graphic design, readability of text and receptivity of this interface to certain actions (click on a button, go to the registration form, active contact links, etc.)

    What is UI design?

    UI design — direct visualization and implementation of a prototype which is developed based on the UX designer’s research. Work on the visual part: creating animations, illustrations, drawing buttons, menus, sliders, selecting photos and font pairs.

    Who is a UI designer?

    The UI designer is engaged in ensuring that the product looks harmonious in colour, shape, and location of the content, correctly organizing the elements in a single, unique style.

    The ultimate goal of the UI designer is to help users quickly understand how the product works while carrying out a minimum of actions.

    High-quality UX / UI design requirements


    Absence of ambiguity in the text and structure;


    Simplicity and brevity are the main criteria for a user-friendly design and easy understanding by the user;


    All elements of the site, even if there is a unique design, should be clear and not confuse the user;


    The “correct” interface affects the user instantly, meaning that a person immediately understands how and what works when he/she logs in;


    Any design is primarily a visual aesthetic and harmony of colours, graphic and text elements;


    We strive to get the user to complete the required action as quickly as possible (make a purchase, visit the website, click on a button, register) with minimal efforts.

    If you do not have enough experience in UI UX design or are not confident in your knowledge, but are ready to study and develop, then we are ready to consider your candidacy!


    To apply for the position, send a short video about yourself in English and send it to our HR managers.

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