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Test tasks

Test tasks for copywriters
Are you willing to try your hand at copywriting IN ENGLISH? You can choose two test tasks at your discretion to try yourself in different areas.

Notes for all assignments: Do not forget about the headings H1, H2, H3 (they should not consist only of a keyword, but are surrounded by third-party text to compose a full-fledged phrase).  

Also remember that there exist synonyms that will diversify your text, do not let the content duplicate.

Text font: Arial 11.

1.Imagine that you need to sell the services of a novice designer who does not have a large portfolio (which is necessary for designers and developers when employing). For example, your candidate knows how to work in applications such as: Photoshop, Figma, Illustrator. He has finished design courses and has not taken part in any commercial projects yet, but is eager to develop and learn new things.

Your goal is to determine what tasks a beginner will be able to perform using these applications, what are the advantages of employing a novice person on an ongoing basis, in comparison with freelancing. The text in English is 1 page.

Note: A person is not a freelancer, but a full-time / part-time employee.

2. Write a text 1-1.5 pages length on the topic of hiring a SMM manager. Pay attention to the fact that you are offering a client to hire a SMM specialist, and do not write a vacancy text intended for recruiting staff in your company. (advantage and hiring process, tasks, price comparison of services – you can choose the suitable paragraphs yourself)

3. Text is about the benefits of cooperation with an outstaffing company (from the client’s side, not the employee’s). Length 1.5-2 pages.

4. Create 3-4 advertisements (3-4 sentences per one) to promote the services of an outstaffing company providing employee services in the Marketing field. This will be an ad for Google advertising, so please pay attention to the rules for creating such an ad.